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After a wildly prolific decade of screenwriting and directing that made him the king of teen comedy, John Hughes receded from the cinematic landscape, his legend preserved by the classic 80s trilogy of Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Following Hughes’s sudden death, at age 59, last summer, the author delves […]

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‘Halloween Kills’ Thrills With $50M+ Opening, Soaring Above Projections, Even With Peacock Day & Date

Saturday AM Update: Refresh for more analysis and chart There’s something interesting here with the overperformance of Universal/Blumhouse/Miramax’s Halloween Kills: the pic, while well ahead of its mid $30Ms-$40M projection, is arguably…

Halloween Kills: Anthony Michael Hall Brings the Fury for the Slasher Sequel

BY SAM STONEIn the small town of Haddonfield, evil will rise again for the eagerly anticipated slasher sequel Halloween Kills. Young Tommy Doyle is no longer sitting on the sidelines when Michael Myers carves a new rampage through his hometown.…

Interview: Anthony Michael Hall Talks Playing Tommy Doyle in HALLOWEEN KILLS

By HEATHER WIXSON The wait is nearly over, everyone! The return of Michael Myers is officially only a few days away now, with Haddonfield’s most notorious resident set to return in Halloween Kills. David Gordon Green’s sequel arrives in…


By - Caitlin BuschHalloween (2018) was Laurie Strode’s story, first and foremost. As the reigning queen of the franchise, Jamie Lee Curtis — who’s portrayed Laurie since John Carpenter’s 1978 classic — had the spotlight alongside…

Halloween Kills Co-Stars Talk About the Mystery of Michael Myers

ByCheryl EddyDavid Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills arrives this Friday, and two of its most important characters have a couple of big things in common: they’ve both spent most of their lives haunted by Michael Myers, and they’ve both…

Anthony Michael Hall on Halloween Kills, Paul Rudd & Breakfast Club Sequel

The actor opens up about playing Tommy Doyle in the Halloween sequel, taking over the role from Paul Rudd and working with director David Gordon Green. He also reveals John Hughes "toyed around" with the idea of making sequel to The Breakfast…

'Halloween Kills': Michael Myers freaked out Anthony Michael Hall for real on set (exclusive)

Tom Beasley·ContributorAnthony Michael Hall has admitted he was "freaked out" by crossing paths with Michael Myers on the set of Halloween Kills, but that this very real fear powered his performance.The 53-year-old star takes on the…

My worst moment: Anthony Michael Hall on rejection as a child actor

In the original 1978 horror movie “Halloween,” Jamie Lee Curtis plays a teenage babysitter to a little boy named Tommy Doyle. In the latest incarnation of the franchise, “Halloween Kills,” Tommy Doyle is all grown up and facing down…


Anthony Michael Hall quickly discovered that the cutthroat world of high school is nothing compared to a run-in with Michael Myers. The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles actor will next be seen in Halloween Kills as Tommy Doyle, a character…