Anthony Michael Hall quickly discovered that the cutthroat world of high school is nothing compared to a run-in with Michael Myers. The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles actor will next be seen in Halloween Kills as Tommy Doyle, a character that first appeared in 1978’s Halloween. Tommy was one of the young kids Laurie Strode [Jamie Lee Curtis] babysat the night of Michael’s original killing spree. In that timeline, Paul Rudd portrayed an adult version of that character in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. Of course, all the previous sequels were wiped out of existence in the current reboot. Rudd was reportedly asked to reprise the role, but couldn’t mange it due to a scheduling conflict.

Instead, Hall takes up the mantle as grown-up Tommy. He reunites with Laurie to lead the charge and end Michael’s reign of terror… once and for all. Hall recently spoke to SCREAM Magazine about joining the Halloween franchise, weaponizing Tommy and gruesome deaths.

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