If 2020 had unfolded as planned, we’d have all seen Halloween Kills by now. It was originally supposed to come out on October 16, but was bumped a whole year due to an enemy far more dangerous than the HalloGreen franchise’s 61-year old killer of podcasters.

Today, to celebrate our sad, pitiful holiday, we guess, Blumhouse has offered a fun-sized trailer for the festivities that are still so very far away.

The teaser arrived during Blumfest’s Halloween Kills panel today, with director David Gordon Green promising “twice the thrills and 10 times the kills.” And, while only 36 seconds, there’s plenty of new footage crammed in there. We see Michael’s melty mask, as well as familiar faces that include Nancy Stephens and Kyle Richards, reprising their roles as Nurse Marion Chambers and Lindsey Wallace, respectively. Most exciting, however, is our first proper glimpse of Anthony Michael Hall’s Tommy Doyle, bat in hand. Sure, it would’ve been cool if Paul “Stephen” Rudd had reprised his role from The Curse Of Michael Myers, but Hall’s no slouch.

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Green’s comments about there being “10 times the kills” echoes remarks from producer Jason Blum, who earlier this year called it a “very big movie.” Cult of Thorn big? We’ll find out on October 15, 2021.

Courtesy of yahoo entertainment